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International Students



A multicultural safe, friendly, sophisticated and harmonious society where living expense is considerably less. It has a well-developed education system with vary high rates of participation and secondary completion. Australian university has long enjoyed an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. 

Every year Australia welcomes as increasing number of international students to its universities and colleges. Its is the leading international student destination in many countries and ranks third in the English-speaking world after United States and UK.

Advantage of Choosing Australia

Easy to get PR if selected right course (Listed on MODL)

Highest Visa success ratio.

No Visa Interviews in most of the cases.

Good employment opportunities after competing studies.

Vast Indian (Gujarati) Communities found in Sydney & Melbourne.

Students can work 20 hours a week during academic year and full time During Vacation.



New Zealand is known as a safe, clean and green country and it's cities are multi-cultural. New Zealand's education relationship with India is still relatively new, however New Zealand has quickly become a very popular study destination for Indian students. Numbers of tertiary students from India choosing to study in New Zealand have grown just 163 students in 1998, to over 3000 in 2005, with more growth forecast for 2006.

New Zealand tertiary providers are innovative and provide programmes that are internationally recognized. Tertiary institutions provide flexible pathways between different levels, which is as avenue that Indian students can look for when considering their options.

Advantage of Choosing New Zealand

International curriculum and teaching standard.

Recognition by employers and institutions around the world.

Living and tuition fees compare well with other countries

Travel to New Zealand is easy, with direct flights from most major cities.

Students are legally allowed to  work 15 hours a week during during semesters and Full time During Vacation.


Singapore is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, where Chinese, Malays, Indian and Eurasians live and work alongside more than 90,000 professional expatriates. Singapore is a clean and green garden city, as well as a food and shopping paradise.

Singapore is a premier education hub which provides excellent education opportunities for local and international students alike - from preparatory education to postgraduate programmes. Singapore offers students an international perspective and also diversity of option, in an environment that is inspiring and conducive to education.

Maintaining Singapore's pre-eminence in education, the government has also put in place various initiatives in affirmation of its commitment to its goal of making Singapore a global schoolhouse. convergence of top education institutions and the safe, comfortable surroundings, Singapore makes for a great destination for pursuing your education.

And at the helm of it all is Singapore Education, a multi agency initiative that was established by the Singapore government in 2003, to make Singapore the choice destination for international students in the region and beyond.

Advantage of Choosing Singapore

Paid internships offered in many courses.

Less finance required for Visa

No Visa interviews in most of the cases.

Students can move to UK or Australia for further studies.


A country combines different types of courses according to needs and abilities, UK universities and colleges has long been a magnet for overseas students. From the top research universities, to colleges, which pioneer the latest development in vocational study, the United Kingdom educates under-graduates and postgraduates to world-class standards.

UK quality standards are backed up by a rigorous and independent assessment system, so that students can be certain their vocational, undergraduate, or postgraduate qualification is officially approved and enjoy wide international recognition. Students can work 20 hours per week during semester and full time during vacation. Student can earn between 5 to 7 Pounds per hour. Students can apply for 2 years work permit after finishing their studies in UK.

Advantage of Choosing UK

Vast opportunities of Employment while studying.

Normal Visa process time is 48 hours.

Guaranteed work permit provided by the government on completion of study.

Wide availability of Indian culture



USA, The land of the free, dreams, and endless opportunity. The United States attracts students from all over the world with its exquisite Mother Nature, lively cities, and the world's leading entertainment industry. With an unmatchable number of educational institutions offering countless educational paths, students studying abroad prefer attending institutions in the United States. Students are provided with opportunities such as studying the English language at language institutions, learning with native English speakers at high schools/universities, and acquiring specialized education at technical/vocational schools. The United States will embrace you with people from diverse cultures and a unique international community.

The USA are also home to many aboriginal groups, rich and facinating cultures, historical and archaeological sites, and old world styled cities to modern metropolises. The Americas is truly a remarkable place and still deserves the title, "The New World".

Advantage of Choosing USA

First preference of the students going abroad.

Visas are mostly issued for 5 years

Easiest ever to get H1B after studies.

Students get maximum exposure as it the headquarter of the most of the business giants.

It has highest Indian origin population out of India.

Students can work 20 hours a week during academic year and full time During Vacation

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