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In order to assist you effectively, we understand that it is essential to know you as well as possible. Therefore, we spend quality time getting to know students in terms of their overall profiles and their academic and professional details and aspirations. To facilitate this, we provide counseling to students on a one-to-one basis.

Course and University Selection

We provide complete guidance in choosing the right course and university for you as per course curricula and your career objectives. In our comprehensive database of universities, we have a university that is a perfect fit for each student. This is an important stage because careful selection of a university is a must, as it has a bearing on one’s career.

Application support

We provide complete application assistance to students by giving them guidelines for filling application forms, letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, as well anything else they may need help with. We also assist students in checking the application form for any errors. This ensures quick processing of their applications.

Visa Counseling

We provide complete guidance to students in filling out their visa applications. We assist our students in the entire visa process, right from filling up the application form and assisting in visa documentation, till the lodging of the visa application. Being study abroad experts, we keep ourselves up to date with all the changes in visa processing.

Pre-Departure Orientation

We provide complete guidance in advising students on the points they need to take into consideration before leaving for their destination country. These include taking care of all their travel needs, such as air ticketing, foreign exchange, travel insurance and basic tips on what they need to carry.

Careernexxt Alliance Admissions

Many students feel that applying for an overseas education is a complex process, but with the right guidance at each stage, it can be an easy journey. This is where it becomes important to choose a consultant who can provide appropriate solutions to students in order to ensure that they are guided in the right direction. Careernexxt has tie-ups with quality universities in all major countries.

The Edge

Our commitment to always deliver the best and deliver more has won us our reputation of being the BEST. The salient features of our products which make us the BEST are:.

Intelligent Learning:                    

We define a narrow syllabus band and guarantee that nothing beyond its scope will be asked in the exam. The idea is for students to utilise their time only on relevant material.

Superior Instruction:

We adhere to the most rigorous instructor standards in the nation. Prior to receiving class assignments, our instructors have to successfully complete an extensive live training program in which they need to demonstrate facility fo. It is mandatory for all faculty members to take the exams themselves. This ensures that each faculty member is in perfect sync with the exam pattern and the associated time constraints, which in turn, enables each faculty member to give the best possible guidance to students regarding preparation and time management techniques.

Exhaustive Study Material:

Careernexxt provides with a comprehensive and exhaustive study material and yet it defines a narrow syllabus so that students do not waste time going through a lot of unnecessary study material. Our material ensures that students are more than adequately prepared for the exams.

Vocabulary list for GRE®/SAT:

Careernexxt has a list of 1800 words that is much shorter than any vocabulary list available in the market yet it is also the most comprehensive. Moreover, our unique vocabulary teaching methodology ensures speedy learning of this list.

Personal and Customized Assistance:

When our students find themselves stuck with particular question/s, they do not have to wait until their next class to get help. Personal assistance from the concerned faculty is available at all time.

Full Length Tests:

Careernexxt R&D team has prepared full length tests which students can practice at their convenience in our centers.

Resources and Infrastructure:

Careernexxt students have access to the On site Resource Centre, where they can read exclusive books concerning the exam. The labs are fully equipped with PCs and software necessary for students to take practice tests.

Key Factor


Feel Free Period

All the students are free to rethink about whether she/he will really carry through her/his training up to 2 days of Duration. After the end of this period, he/she is free to ask for a refund provided the study materials and all Institution's belongings, original money receipts are return intact.

The Feel free period is a very consumer-friendly facility that can help protect a student's interest. During the 15 days he/she can go through the fine print of the prospectus, terms & conditions to see if the Institute is what he/she expected it to be, and whether it is in keeping with what the representative said at the time of admission. This facility is intended to let him/her first enter the inside of this organization & then objectively & factually judge it from within.

As a result of the feel free period, the process of admission has become more transparent. Students have been empowered to be able to act in their best interest, without any hindrance.

Once you have decided that the course / Institute is not what you want, can contact the local institute and understand the cancellation process from them. In all cases, you are requiring to send in an application on plain paper attaching the photocopies of all Money Receipts & Documents thereon.

According to our knowledge no other reputed organization boasts this unique feature / advantages. Most of the institutes say “NO REFUND OF FEES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES”.

Mobile SMS service  

We update our students & their parents on class exam results, new job notification, payment reminders through SMS Service.

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