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Frequently Ask Questions
1. How is the training here different from the training in school?

Here the training is entirely practice oriented as against the theory oriented approach in schools.
2. Is it absolutely necessary to prepare Lesson Plans before each session?

Yes, it is. It enables you to be clear in your aim and the target language. A detailed lesson plan is the only way to ensure maximum results in the given time.
3. What is the method of remuneration for the trainers?

Apart from the standard remuneration, it is also incentive-based to promote self-motivation.
4. Is it possible to teach grammar in such a short span when we as school teachers take years to drill the same in the minds of students?

It is for this very reason that My IELTS Doctor has been a runaway success. As the teaching methodology and approach are very different from that of a school, we are able to train the students in fundamental grammar techniques in a shorter span.
5. When we walk into the class, is knowledge the most important or attitude?

Attitude of course, which makes or breaks a student!

6. Do you have specific trainers for different levels, or can anyone handle any level?

A comprehensive training is given to ensure that trainers are capable of handling any level.
7. What is the one important aspect in class to begin the process of learning?

A good rapport with the students.
8. On completion of training, how are the teachers placed?

All the trainers are placed in branches within five km radius of their residences.
9. Do you have specific work hours?

Timings are flexible depending on the formation of batches.
10. How are we assisted in our work?

Our Centre managers assist you and extend their fullest cooperation.

11.   Franchising gives you the financial control of owning your own business combined with support of a historically successful company.

We back our franchisees by offering the know-how, the training, and a group of departmental experts willing to help you drive your business.

Franchisee options are available of MY IELTS DOCTOR for IELTS/TOEFL, Spoken English and other courses at any city. Best opportunity for Existing centers, Retired personals, Housewives, Fresh Graduates. They can also go for Shadow franchisee and the details are given below.

Shadow Franchisee:

Shadow franchisee holders are those, who do not have interest to invest so much and want to stay with MY IELTS DOCTOR as an associate. For these the eligibility criteria are:

  1. They must have their immigration or student visa consultancy office for more than three year in any part of India/ or have a genuine interest in international study or immigration activity.
  2. Must not have any criminal offence record.
  3. Have a good reputation in the area of immigration/ teaching/ visa consultancy.
  4. Must be eager to work for the benefit of their business.
  5. Has the ability to give time for the organizational development. Interested to invest a non refundable amount of 25,000 INR as the associateship fees.
  6. Should possess the ability to convince the people/marketing for their business.
  7. Should have pleasant way of talking and patience to listen others.  


  • IELTS: Smart (6.5 Band Guaranteed)
  • Call Centre Professional Training 100% job guarantee
  • Spoken English
  • Soft Skill
  • Business English
  • Skills Abroad
  • Embassy Interview Preparation
  • Student Visa (On Commission Basis)  

Requirements 600sq.ft to 1200 sq.ft covered area either rental or owned. Should be at the prime location Rs. 2.5 Lacs to 5.0 Lacs initial investment is required. (Only for Franchisee)

What you will get in Return?
All the Franchisee holders of MY IELTS Doctor will get a handsome amount of non royalty based income. Our Course fees for IELTS band guarantee program will be 7,000 INR. The franchisee owners do not have to pay the head office any royalty but have to pay a fixed amount as per the given list:
No of Students enrolled in a month Payment to be done to H.O.
0-5 10,000 INR pm
6-10 20,000 INR pm
20-30 30,000 INR per month
30-40 50,000 INR per month
40-50 70,000 INR per month

Hence If you have enrolment of 50 students in a month, you will get 7000*50= 3,50,000 INR out of which you have to pay us 70,000 INR and you will get 2,80,000 INR. Your Expenditure including all will be 50 to 60 K and your net profit will be 2, 20,000 per month.
For Shadow Franchisee

All the shadow franchisees will get 50% of total business they have given to us. For example, if they have sent us 10 students per month, our fees will be 7,000 INR per student and they will get 3,500*10= 35,000 per month, at the end of the batch after the declaration of the result.
For More Details Contact:
Manoj Kumar Pattanaik



You might be wondering why only MY IELTS DOCTOR while there are lots of tutorials and coaching centres mushrooming around you.

These reasons may convince you

  • Quality teaching at affordable prices
  • Spacious classrooms with A/C
  • Experienced lecturers from reputed colleges
  • Study materials
  • Calm environment
  • Weekly seminars
  • Counseling facilities
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