About Lead India Foundation (LIF)

Lead India 2020 was established in the year 2004 based on the vision articulated by Dr APJ Kalam, “India to transform into a developed nation by the year 2020 by empowering youth to develop themselves into confident, responsible citizens working towards self, family, community development thereby leading India towards a developed nation. In this direction, Aap Badho Desh ko Badhao (ABDB) training program was developed as the primary vehicle to accomplish Dr Kalam’s vision and it was based on “Acharya-Kalam Human” Transformation Model at its core.

During the years 2004-2019, ABDB training program was imparted to over 18 Lakhs students in over 7000 schools in 51 districts covering 9 states; over 6000 teachers and 3000+ principals were also trained. However, in order to scale up the ABDB program to cover the entire nation with a significant and measurable impact, LIF is now taking a very strategic and pragmatic approach that would translate LIF vision into actions leading to outcomes with measurable and time bound impact. In order to accomplish this LIF intends to become a standalone, independent, professionally managed, globally respected, Institution with transparent governance and highest ethical and moral standards supported by the required resources. This will be driven by a well-documented vision, mission and strategy with core values and will be managed by a full-time management team with a multi-layer transparent governance structure in place.

Given Lead India 2020 has reached its major milestone this year, the board has decided to change its name to Lead India Foundation (LIF) while drawing a road map for its journey through the year 2030 and beyond.

Lead India 2020 -Achievements (2004 - 2019)

Since 2004 through june 30 2019 ABCD training program covered

Student Trained
Teachers Trained
Principals Trained
Change Agents

LIF Moving forward

As Lead India 2020 celebrates its major milestone of the year 2020, it plans to relaunch its mission with renewed vigor and disciplined approach as Lead India Foundation (LIF) as it moves to the next decade. The major objective of this relaunch effort is to

  • Bring sharper focus of Dr Kalam’s vision and mission aligned with contemporary India development plans
  • Reflect experience gained so far and align LIF programs to contemporary national development plans and Indian youth
  • Ensure all plans and programs are based on a stronger institutional foundation with full transparency and good governance
  • Dedicate to Late Dr Kalam first phase results of LIF and carry on his vision as a collaborative national movement
  • Engage, enroll broader constituents to this national youth movement
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