Lead India Foundation (LIF) Training Programs and their key objectives

LIF offers multiple training programs with different duration and objectives. The following is a summary.

The flagship training program of LIF is ABDB ( Aap Badho desh Ko Badhao) is based on Acharya – kalam transformation Model

Aap Badho Desh Ko Badho” (ABDB) training program

Lead India 2020 foundation program is training and research-based, experiential, result oriented, transformative and unique educational movement to create incredible human capital by bringing transformation in the basic human planes i.e. physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritualUnique feature of inculcation of human values is based on the hypothesis that “Values are not taught but they are caught”. Using ancient and modern psychological techniques like yoga, pranayama, meditation, self-introspection, shaping, modeling and simulations etc are used for the inculcation of human values. This module was developed over 30 years of research by its Founder & Chairperson Prof. Dr. N.B.Sudershan Acharya. The course was scaled up for mass transformation forming, Lead India 2020 foundation with the inspiration of the then President of India Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalamji. The training program is designed as “Aap Badho Desh Ko Badhao” i.e. individual development leads to national development. It fills the gaps in present education like life skills, vision, thinking skills, values, and positive attitudes by developing specific contents, methods, techniques, activities as mentioned below:

  1. Introduction to Lead India 2020 movement
  2. Indian Cultural Heritage, Scientific contributions and history
  3. The relationship between individual and National Problems
  4. Importance of Life, Vision, mission and action plan for 2020
  5. Global Skills to grab global opportunities
  6. Physical Development and its Principles
  7. Mental Development (igniting powers of mind to realize vision)
  8. Career Development (Goal setting and Study techniques)
  9. Ignition of Scientific Temper (5 W’s and 1 H)
  10. Social Development (Respect to parents, teachers etc.)
  11. Human Values for Human excellence
  12. Spiritual Development
  13. National Development (implementation of Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s 10 point Oath)
  14. School level Activities of Lead India National Club (LINC)

Students set high vision with immediate, Intermediate and long term personal and national goals. The tracking system is inbuilt to track their progress every day till they achieve their goals using the technique of daily self-introspection.

Training of Trainers (TOT)

Lead India Foundation moving forward with high speed associating with different groups of professionals like teachers, principals, life skills trainers, psychologists, social workers, corporate trainers, etc. In this process to meet the challenges of forthcoming training programs scheduled in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana of Professional Training of Trainers (TOT) has been planned and conducted successfully.

Training programs

  1. ABDB for schools:Training Program for School students from class 6th to 12th standard.


    Duration :3days

    Key Objectives: Transform School students with values to develop self, family and the community to eradicate future poverty and improve United Nations Human Development Index Rank of India (UNHDI)

  2. ABDB – TOt for school change agents: Train the training program for school change agents, selected students from class 7th to 10th.


    Duration : 5days

    Key Objectives:Impart ABDB training and LINC sustenance for total school students using peer group influence for sustainable mass transformation.

  3. ABDB college induction program: Train the training program for AICTE/UGC 1st year college students:


    Duration :4days

    Key Objectives:Transform college students with values to develop self, family, the community and the nation with employable and entrepreneurial skills.

  4. ABDB – TOT for youth: Train the trainer program for college students(B.Ed/D.Ed, Degree),DRDA,NS,NYK,NCC and unemployed youth:


    Duration :5days

    Key Objectives:Building of trainers pool for ABDB and sustenance at District level with the concept Think Global and Act local.

  5. Teachers Empowerment program: Training program for teachers and CRPs(Cluster Resource Persons) for Nation building:


    Duration : 2days

    Key Objectives:Training teachers as mentors for values and custodians of the transformation impact for Nation building.

  6. ABDB Orientation: Orientation program for Head of the institutions, MEOs, Sarpanchs,Parents,etc:


    Duration :1 day

    Key Objectives:Developing local support for ABDB training and establishing lead india local chapters.

  7. ABDB for employees: Training program for corporate and Govt employees.


    Duration :1 day

    Key Objectives:Transform corporate and Govt employees on work life balance, stress relief, removing dead blocks in relationships and improving the productivity for nation development.

  8. Foundational Numeracy and literacy(FLN): Initiative to implement draft education policy 2019


    Key Objectives:Learn,Speak, Write(LSRW) of Maths,Science and English to apply as a functional utility in daily life.

Initiatives programs
  1. ABDB scaling 730 schools: Scale up the ABDB training across all districts in india,replicating khammam model: Key Objectives: Develop Systems, procedures using technology to scale up the khammam model to 730 Districts in india.
  2. CMLDP Goal setting:Tracking goal setting with compare and compete with self,with Action plan, Self introspection and Daily diary writing: Key Objectives: Goal is set and follow-up on an action plan on a daily basis with tools of compare and compete with self. Change Agents are tracked until goal is achieved.
  3. CMLDP – Exam focus: Key Objectives: Improving Academic standard from SA1 to SA2 issuing social credits.
  4. CMLDP – 40 day summer activity: Key Objectives: Village LINC formation for FLN, Literacy,poverty, Unemployment and village Development with Local people:Summer activity by change agents to develop individual,family and village such as each one teach one, Each one plant ten, stopping bad habits, Swachh Manse Swachh Bharat, Awareness on RTI, etc.,

Special Programs

  1. Kalam’s Mission 2020: Remember Dr.kalam and conduct competition and introduce students to Kalam’s values and celebrate his birthday on oct 15,2020 ann beyond:
    Key Objectives: Study and inherit values from Dr.Kalam’s life and provide individual innovations to solve problems of the Nation.
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