Lead India Foundation (LIF) Partnership Development

LIF plans to explore and develop significant partnerships with other well-known organizations based on mutual value add and sustainability of partnership while maintaining the focus on LIF mission, strategy and execution. The key focus will be on how to engage them, how to nurture them and how to sustain them and how to advance LIF mission through these partnerships, while maintaining non-religious and non-political character of LIF in developing and nurturing these partnership.

Guidelines to select potential partners:

  • To have focus on human development, youth development and empowerment (in synergy with LIF)
  • To have physical reach through their own network in geographical areas that LIF will focus on in the next 1-2 years
  • To have established programs in place that LIF could potentially adopt and/or coordinate or co-operate.
  • Be well-known for its integrity, transparency and ethics.
  • Be willing to give and take access to platforms, provide web links, promote common interests etc. as and when appropriate

Areas of partnerships being explored are:

  • Government
  • Corporate
  • NGO
  • Academic Institutions


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