There are many ways in which an individual, group(s), a corporation(s), institutions or any organization can join hands with LIF movement and collectively help scale up the movement nationally and globally by contributing their treasure or talent or time or a combination of them as they see fit.
Broadly, these examples cover 4 broader categories:
  1. Financial contributions: Financial contributions can be made either inthe form of sponsorships or becoming a member of LIF in multiple categories such as Life member or simply make a donation.
  2. Mobilizing and sustaining broad based contributions in the form of both Financial capital, Intellectual capital.
  3. Creating awareness of LIF programs and their positive impact and Effectively enrolling and engaging broader constituents to join the movement.
  4. Developing and delivering new programs aligned with contemporary challenges of youth globally and

A few examples of potential projects are given below but others can develop several innovative ways and participate in accelerating the movement.

  1. Develop and sustain a broad based financial resource mobilization globally.
  2. Develop and sustain meaningful partnerships with other institutions, groups and foundations globally.
  3. Create and manage effective and globally acceptable impact measurements programs and metrics for LIF.
  4. Take up/coordinate the ownership of replicating LIF programs in states and districts that are not currently covered by LIF.
  5. Building a cadre of international volunteers who would want to engage themselves at field level of LIF operations, Develop and execute a sustainable plan to accomplish this.
  6. Taking the ownership to develop, implement and sustain digital marketing strategies and global branding.
  7. Review and strengthen LIF curriculum or Plan and support new training programs such as new corporate programs with appropriate on the ground support infrastructure for effective delivery.
  8. Develop professional training material in multiple regional languages (beyond English, Hindi and Telugu)
  9. Creating online ABDB training and human values certification courses on selected themes like values in education, skill development, girl’s empowerment etc.
  10. Develop broad based membership groups including students, alumni, professionals, NGOs with similar focus on society development and civil society in general, and create online fora for their effective engagement and collective contributions.
  11. Creating a credible road map for accelerated growth of the LIF coverage – e.g. covering the entire nation in 5 years; establishing and accelerating its global footprint – Needs ‘out of box’ thinking and collaborative but distributed leadership.
  12. Enhancing transparency, governance and effective management of LIF as an institution of global standing.
  13. Any other ways that can accelerate LIF vision, mission and strategies at national level now, and at a global level in the future.
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